Coming to the night market?

Here are some pro tips we've gathered to make the most out of your night market experience.


Bring your stretchy pants

Let's face it. We've all been there. You dress up nice all stylish and fitted, but you completely forgot about all the amazing food that you're about to devour. Do yourself a favour and bring your stretchy pants, it works wonders.


Light up #MoonlightMKT

We want to see you get your paparazzi on! From food pictures, to selfies, to food selfies.... no matter what the case may be, we want to see what you come up with by adding #MoonlightMKT to all your posts at the market!


Divide & Conquer

We get it. You've got your favourites and you like your comfort zone. But we highly encourage you to try as many as you can. There are so many different things to try in so little time! 


Be cool, so carpool

East Village is a very pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood. If you're driving, we highly encourage you to carpool with someone then park somewhere outside of East Village, then bike or take a stroll towards the market. You're going to need that walk afterwards...


Cash or credit?

Some vendors will be accepting card payments, but the unexpected can always happen and machines do go down, so make sure you have some cash just in case! If all else fails, the nearest ATM is at the Simmons Building.